Bringing unique personable jewellery - Incorporating Sand Casting, Enamelling & Beading.

New Ireland Stud Earrings - The thing I love most of all are my earrings! They are not only classy and elegant but are very practical! You can wear them with formal wear or casual gear! I’m so impressed with the clasp it’s very user friendly and reliable! I have even worn them with confidence under a motorcycle helmet! They would make a wonderful gift for a special person but be AWARE when you see them you won’t want to part with them!

Gold Coast, Australia
Just wanted to let you know I’ve received your gorgeous ring. I 💙 it! I love it because it’s organic, handmade and one of a kind. You’ve poured your heart into making the product. Thank you for making my day. I’m now a great fan of yours and will not fail to recommend or buy something from you. Have a lovely Sunday. Xxx Olivia
Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much Shea! The ring has arrived and it’s devine :) I love it!! 

Meg - Competition winner 2021
The Range, Queensland

About Us

Shea Oberleuter

Creative Director

The founder behind Ensel Road: Shea Oberleuter

The idea for Ensel Road began with a small but ever evolving concept. As a hobby I enjoyed a spot of beading at home, that turned into a showcase of a small, hand-made collection at the local markets. But, I wanted to do more. Over the years it has transformed into designing and crafting jewellery using different experimental techniques, such as sand casting, enamelling and sculpting with wax. Being born in Papua New Guinea and having a diverse heritage, I wanted to incorporate my culture, add my experiences from living abroad, and collect all the inspiration from my travels, to bring new and exciting designs to life.

The meaning behind the name: Ensel Road

Ensel means “angel” or “spirit” in Pisin English. The name felt like it fit for the journey travelled thus far – and the road that has yet to be travelled.

This creative project has taken years to become the fully realised business that it is today. Like many others who take the plunge and invest all they have into their passion, I experienced many personal obstacles that gave me uncounted setbacks and trepidation. However, the people around me believed in me and my vision, my families support and encouragement drove me to be where I am today. During the moments that I felt were the most difficult, I was reminded of that little spark that I kept inside.

That is the essence of what Ensel Road means. Born from a simple passion and desire to see it through to the end, I kept that little light burning bright inside, always looking ahead, no matter what challenges I faced. Even though it may not look like the road in front of you will be an easy path to walk, remember that tiny light inside, your spirit, that will forever fuel your endeavours.

The values of Ensel Road

We strive to continually practice honourable business values, by ethically sourcing stones, using recyclable metals, packaging and other materials. We want to do our share by not only creating beautiful jewellery, but by protecting our planet.

We also believe in giving back where we can, by donating 100% of the sales we make from our Charity Bracelets to a good cause. The charities we support will change lives of so many in need. Everyone deserves to be nurtured and loved unconditionally no matter where they come from, or what circumstance they face. 

We need to make sure they know, that they are deserving of a bright future. 

Why Choose Us?

We sit in a niche pocket that is uncompromising in quality, sensibly priced, and stylish.

Ensel Road specialises in Limited Edition, Statement and Personalised jewellery that complements your personal tastes. Usually if the item is sold out, only new refreshing pieces will replace them to avoid mass reproduction, giving each piece the ability to stand out on their own. 

This sentiment reduces the need for multiple layers of rings and necklaces. By practicing mindful shopping habits, your simple assortment of accessories transforms into your very own hand-picked collection of little treasures.